Personal Care

It can be a major challenge to those wanting to remain living in their own homes, but for whom undertaking daily personal care routines have become difficult.

We understand that an important part of ensuring the dignity of our clients often involves providing assistance with these routines. This can sometimes be a temporary situation resulting from an accident or an illness, but sometimes it can be a permanent situation.  Either way, we are on hand to provide personal care services that are delivered in a sensitive and caring way. From simply being there to help you or your loved ones to get out of bed and to the bathroom in the morning, to helping you or your loved ones to bathe or shave. Whatever the level of need, we can develop a plan to meet it through our Personal Care service.

Our Personal Care services include:

  • It has a positive impact upon mental health and wellbeing. Daily routines such as washing and brushing our teeth make us feel good
  • Help to undertake daily routines that you or your loved ones might be struggling with can help to restore a sense of dignity and pride
  • Help with tasks that might require balance or mobility can help to reduce slips, trips and falls and give you or your loved ones feelings of confidence
  • Knowing that help is on hand with specific tasks, and at a given time or on a given day, can help to restore a sense of routine and control in you or your loves one’s life

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