Dementia and Disease Care

Life can be challenging if you or your loved ones suffers from dementia or a long-term condition. Being at home can seem even more important because that it the environment that is most familiar.

A familiar environment also makes us feel more secure and comfortable. Suffering from dementia or a long term condition can threaten this sense of security and can make dealing with day to day tasks difficult. Having the help to manage the condition can make all the difference to you or your loved ones. Our Dementia Care service offers a lifeline to those wanting to remain at home.

Our Dementia Care services include:

  • Supervision of medicines can form part of an individual’s care plan. Ensuring that specific medication is taken at specific times of the day can give you and your loved one’s peace of mind
  • Routine is an important part of managing a condition such as dementia or other long-term conditions. A specific care plan which takes account of this is an important part of you or your loved one’s health and wellbeing
  • Regular social contact with a trusted carer also has a positive impact upon quality of life and mental wellbeing
  • Having a knowledgeable carer regularly involved in you or your loved one’s care can help to identify concerns early and ensure that appropriate interventions are arranged before an issue becomes a bigger problem

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